At 86 the Radon we’re committed to helping Minneapolis area businesses and families mitigate the risk of exposure to deadly radon gas. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that creeps in through the foundation of the building. Radon gas is odorless, colorless and the number one causeof lung cancer in non-smokers. The only way to know if your home or building has high levels of radon gas is to test for it. At 86 the Radon we only install the best radon mitigation systems in the industry. Our radon mitigation systems are designed to get the best radon reduction results while keeping the same aesthetics for your home or business.

About 86 the Radon:

We are one of the largest radon mitigation companies in Minnesota. We have installed thousands of radon mitigation systems throughout the metro. Our Radon Mitigation System is guaranteed to reduce radon levels below the EPA required levels.

How Does our Radon Mitigation System Work:

The radon gas enters the home through as cracks in the concrete, foundation cracks, plumbing pipe openings, floor drains and any other opening to the soil. Our radon mitigation technician will discover all accessible radon entry points and seal them. Your radon mitigation system is then installed. Our system is a permanent component of your home that runs 24 hours a day to reduce and remove radon gas. For most homes, they require a radon mitigation system consisting of a PVC pipe that runs from the ground below the basement floor, out to the exterior of the structure. Within the pipe is a radon centrifugal fan. The fan creates a vacuum within the pipe, the vacuum creates suction in the ground below the structure thereby pulling out the radon gas, before it enters the home through the openings. A vent stack continues up the side of the house to expel the gas at a safe distance above any traditional openings such as windows and doors.


We Do Radon Testing with the most accurate continuous radon monitors in the industry.


Mitigation techniques vary depending on the layout and construction of your home.