Here is a job in Richfield, Minnesota. We want to make sure that we do our best to control flow of dangerous radon gas into your household. We have to take the beauty and structural integrity of your home into consideration. As a licensed contractor we also have the ability to make the mitigation system look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, while altering as little as possible from your existing structure. First step was to route the gas gathering from under the slab to outside the house.



We also sealed up all other instances where traces of radon were coming in. Placing it next to an existing exhaust pipe makes it almost seem like this is part of the initial design of the house. Next step is to route the upper end of the pipe outside the home. You can see this is where the fan is. The fan is designed to pull the air and gas from under the slab and push it out at the end of the pipe above the roof.




Here is the finished product. We make every attempt to make the mitigation as fluid as possible and accommodate the homeowner. We can also attempt to color match as best we possibly can to make the pipe look like the color of your siding.