Here is a review from a satisfied customer in Edina, MN from August 2014.

“Brandon at ’86 the Radon’ went above and beyond to get our radon levels as low as possible, despite several challenges with our 100+ year old home.  We had a degraded foundation slab and large overhanging eaves outside to work around.  Brandon reinforced the slab with new concrete, patched all cracks to ensure a good vacuum, and jogged the pipe outside the house around the eaves, to preserve the historic character of the home.  He did this all very quickly and cleanly, showing all the signs of an experienced professional.  In the end, we were able to lower our radon level from slightly above 4 pCi/L to less than 1 pCi/L!  We’re very pleased now that we, and our kids, can safely inhabit the basement and rest of our home.”